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There was no Old Bay seasoning or tartar sauce for this crab cake.
In fact, the crab was created, not caught, by the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro from Carlos Bakery.
This special crab cake came to be when Valastro decided he wanted do to one of his television show's on crabbing. A search led him to Red Bank Boat Rental, in the same town where he has a bakery.
In exchange for providing the boats for the crabbing trip, Buddy agreed to make a special cake for Stephen Remaley, owner of Red Bank Boat Rental, to kick off the
blue claw crab season.
The timing was perfect as Remaley said the crabbing is really starting to pick up up. The ratio of keepers to throwbacks is about 60-40, he said, and he and Valastro caught a nice bunch of crabs close to his dock.
"If you weed through them, you do pretty good," said Remaley
He aslo said the crab cake was unbelievable. "The man hours to build that must have been tremendous," he said.
The cake, designed with a blue claw crab sitting on a sandy beach, was delivered on a 4- by 8-foot piece of plywood. Remaley said it took four people to carry it. Crab and beach were made entirely of cake except the claws, which were stryofoam covered with icing. "They moved in and out and up and down," said Remaley.
Remaley said Valastro was familiar with crabbing in the Navesink having spent summers as a youngster in Highlands.
Paddle the Navesink Day at Maple Cove

Paddle the Navesink Day at Maple Cove
along the river is set to give Red Bank residents and visitors the chance to kayak or paddleboard on the waterway. Red Bank Marina participates in this even yearly.

Please check back for 2017 date!